Simply create social campaigns and reward Fans for spreading your content to their own audiences..

Recommendation is the most effective form of marketing that exists. Harness this with Fansparks

How it works

Create a campaign, share it with your Fans and incentivise them to share it with their friends...

Create your campaign

Add a variety of content to create a beautifully presented, perfectly optimised campaign.

Add a prize

Incentivise your audience to spread the word by offering a prize to your most influential Fans.

One click send

Send your campaign to your Facebook, Twitter and Email audiences with one click.

Get amazing insights

See who's engaging with your content, what they're saying and where they're coming from.

Easily share content from Content networks with these audiences

What your Fans see

Fans are encouraged to redistribute your content, collect points and get rewarded


After launching your campaign, your Fans see the posts in their email & social networks.


They can easily connect their own Twitter and Facebook, and share to their friends.

Collect points

Fans receive points when they or their friends view or share your content.


Top sharers at the end of the campaign will win the prize.

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Why Fansparks?

Fansparks provides the social campaign framework to engage and grow your audiences through recommendation

Quick & easy setup

You provide the content, we create a beautifully formatted campaign page, emails and social media posts.

Grow you Fanbase

By using fansparks, you can reach 65% more people than using social media or email alone.

Get amazing insights

We connect your Fans social accounts with their email and show in depth details you won't get anywhere else.

How can I use it?

Artists, events, clubs, bars & charities are engaging Fans to share their content with Fansparks. You can too.

Priced to suit you

With each of our plans you get full access to all of the Fansparks features


1 Campaign




3 Campaigns




Unlimited Campaigns


(per year)

You will not be charged until you have created, and are ready to share, your first Campaign

Managed service options are available on request, email for details