• Easily upload valued content (Video, Image or Sound)
  • Reward your Fans to promote your content
  • Broadcast to Facebook, Twitter and Email in one go
  • Discover your most valuable and engaged Fans
  • Match email to social usernames & vice versa
  • Watch Fans grow your social & email audiences

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Increase customer engagement

Fansparks incentivises people to prove they are your biggest fan. Your unique content will push them to engage more with you and know you are listening to what they have to say about you!

Grow your social audience

Use the viral power of your fans to drive new fans to your social and email channels.

Find your biggest fans

Insight across your social platforms, for an individual, will give you a much clearer understanding of which fans you need to take special care of, and which ones have the power to promote you!

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Below is a collection of articles circulating the web about social media and Fans and how Fansparks answers the questions and doubts raised in the media around Fan engagement and how to find value and ROI out of your email and social media audiences.

Most social media marketing is a waste of time

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Lets take one point made in the article...Coca-Cola would need to pay Facebook to get to 94% of their Facebook audience. Why? Well Facebook is making it more and more difficult for brands to get their messages in front of their fans.

Fansparks has been created to enable fans of brands to push content for them in return for prizes (fanfares) and for the fan to understand their relationship with the brand better.

Fansparks is not a cheap 'like' it has been developed to create a very real relationship between fan and the broadcaster.

Facebook news feed visibility is not an entitlement, so stop whining and do your job

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Question: Who engages more with your prospective customers than you? Answer: Your current fans! Which means that they have a far greater chance of getting your content in Facebook seen than you do!

The likelihood of the fan seeing your content is low if they have not actively engaged with you. However if they have engaged with posts from Fansparks (regardless of whose content they were promoting) then there is likely to be an increase in visibility. So your fans will have a better chance of seeing your promotions or content, which increases the chance of them sharing this with their friends - your prospective new customers!!

The power of brands is well and truly in the hands of the fan now.

The Real Value of Facebook isn't Your Likes or Fans

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As the article says "the real value of Facebook is friend of Fans" and "the next best customer is connected to your current customers". This word of mouth promotion is exactly why Fansparks was built.

It gives Fans a very real space to manage their relationship with your brand AND makes it easier for them to engage with their own friends on Facebook (and followers on Twitter, as well as via email).

They are not just asking their friends to "like" they are actively telling their friends what great content and offers you have, and they will push it for your benefit - and their own!

Which means that, as long as you create engaging content, Fansparks gives your fans the reason to tell their friends about you.

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