What is Social Broadcasting?

It is the first platform designed to enable broadcasters (artists, brands, products) understand all of their social and email audiences; to filter, to grow, and to reward their Fans for being advocates.

For Fans, Fansparks is the place to get closer to the artists and brands they love, have the knowledge of which of their own friends and followers are looking at the content they spread on the web, and to be rewarded for every action that they and their friends do.

For the first time, Broadcasters can see the true value, responsiveness and engagement of ALL of their social and email audiences in one place.

Fansparks - the Social Broadcaster

Fansparks is the first Social Broadcasting platform. It has parallels with email broadcasting, but, rather than an email database, you send it to your aggregated social and email audiences.

An email contains the core of the message, subject line and a call to action link. With Fansparks you first create your social broadcast page, upload the content you wish to broadcast (video, audio, image), connect your social networks, upload your email list, and then broadcast your Fanspark.

The Social Broadcast goes out to your connected social networks and contains your message (email subject line), a unique link (email call to action) that connects recipients to your broadcast page (your campaign microsite) that contains your content (email body).

Fansparks enables Broadcasters (brands, artists, products) to easily upload premium content and Ignite it to their aggregated social and email audiences, and to help them understand the engagement they have with all of these audiences.

Fansparks puts a dynamic and simple-to-use framework around content that is of high broadcastable value (e.g. a track, video, podcast, interview, pictures) which is desirable to a Fan. This allows the Broadcaster to 'cut through' all the 'noise' currently created on other social networks. In effect, saying 'this is what I want you to pay attention to, engage in and Ignite (distribute through your social networks)'

In addition to artists (personalities managing audiences online), it is perfect for brands, music promoters, bars & clubs, arts organisations, restaurants, hotels, conferences, community groups, event organisers, in-fact anyone who wants to grow, engage with, incentivise and understand their social audiences.

Fans also receive great value from Fansparks. The most influential Fans are incentivised with real world rewards, not badges - we call these Fanfares. This could be back stage passes, exclusive products, or once in a lifetime experiences. They also have their own Pulse 'reporting page' which allows them to see which of their friends have responded to their own broadcast of the Fanspark. A Fan, also for the first time, now gets a real worldview of how engaged their own friends and followers are with them.

Fansparks uniquely delivers, through its closed Social Broadcast platform, a unique insight into an audience and a completely accurate measurement of the amount of Influence each Fan has had in the distribution of the content. It essentially becomes the platform to broadcast from, grow and reward an audience.

Through knowing which Fans are most engaged and which have the widest, most responsive audiences of their own, Fansparks shows the value to the Broadcaster of their social audience through an Ignition Rate (IR) - a measurement Fansparks will 'own' in the Social Broadcasting space.