Quick Start Guide

Here is our quick guide to setting up an account, and creating and sending your first Fanspark.

Your first Fanspark may take 5 minutes. The rest will take you even less. It is that simple!

First of all click the GET STARTED button

Setup your account

Click on the link which says LOOKING TO SEND YOUR OWN FANSPARKS

  1. Add a USERNAME with no spaces and then complete the rest of the form.
  2. Add a profile image and a short description. You can also edit this at a later date.
  3. Click REGISTER

Create your fanspark

This is your DASHBOARD where you can see the statistics for all your fans and all the Fansparks you have sent.

  1. Click the CREATE FANSPARK button or CREATE NEW in the right hand navigation.
  2. First of all give your fanspark a HEADLINE that will grab the attention of your fans and explains the content.
  3. Then add some content by pressing either the IMAGES, YOUTUBE or SOUND CLOUD button.

    YouTube - just add the URL of your video
    SoundCloud - add the Widget Code from the share drop down
    Images – add up to 5 images with minimum width of 832px for best results

  4. Choose a CATEGORY so that other fans can find you easily.
  5. Enter a description to tell people about your Fanspark. Is it a simple product push, or are you really asking for your fans to share as much as they can.

  6. ADD BACKGROUND to really make your page feel like your own.
  7. To view how your Fanspark will look when you send to your fans, click Preview
  8. To share your content, click on the NEXT button

Share your fanspark

  1. Click on the "Connect" buttons next to the social icons to connect your audiences.

  2. To send to an EMAIL list:

    1. Add emails in the top box
    2. Click ADD emails and they will appear in the box below, with any emails you have added before.
    3. You can then choose who you want to receive the email.
    4. Click SAVE CHANGES when you are done

  3. Add a short but simple message to your fans. The shortcode URL for your Fanspark will be automatically created

  4. Set some extra options for your Fanspark:

    1. Set the expiry date. Default is one week from when you send
    2. Set the Thank You message. This will be displayed after each time a user shares your Fanspark
  5. Then press SEND and you are done!

Messages will be sent to the social networks and emails you connected and you can watch what is happening in your DASHBOARD.

This is what your messages will look like in Facebook & Twitter:


The Fansparks Dashboard Explained

Keep your finger on the pulse of your Fansparks

When you send out a Fanspark, you can watch the views and shares happen before your eyes.

Click on the MY VISIT link in the right hand Nav.

You will see an overview of activity in each of your Fansparks including when you sent, to what social platforms and number of views and shares from the people you sent it to, as well as who they sent it to, and people who have come across your content within the Fansparks website.

Click on PULSE for more details

Pulse breaks down the statistics for your Fanspark in to your original fans (those who were in your social platforms or email list) and those people who have come to the Fanspark, thanks to your fans!

Your notifications will also keep you up to date with who has shared what and to who!

More stats will become available as Fansparks grows. However we want to make life simpler for businesses by showing the real information you need and, at a glance, giving you a real understanding of the power of your fans.