Want The Best Social Media Campaign? Give Social Offers A Try!

Give Facebook Offers A Try!

The Best Social Media Campaign

Sample Facebook Offer

In the event you’re searching for a brand new way to bring quality leads, try some Facebook offers. They’re a good way to bring in some quick action however, do your research and plan ahead so you can make the most of your resources.

I have found the greatest conversion rates happen when marketers use a variety of social media tools and analytic platforms to accomplish their goals. The goal is to create an Offer that wins over quality leads, through a variety of creative promotions – THAT’S what makes the best social media campaign.
Here’s a good example of a lead creating Facebook Offer.
How It Works:
1. When a user clicks in your Offer that user is sent an e-mail with their private e-mail account. Meaning that your Offer isn’t just found on Facebook, you’re actually getting into the email boxes of potential customers.

2. When they open the e-mail, they are going to see a link to your own site or an opt-in page.

3.Offers are encouraged in the news feed (instead of being put into the right hand column where market advertisements are normally seen by you).

4. Advertisements can get as many as six times more click-throughs than advertisements in the right hand column.
Not only can you get exposure that is optimal in the news feed, in addition, you get into email boxes that are private and you can hyper-goal each Offer.


FanSparks works very similarly to Facebook Offers but instead work as incentives for content sharing on Twitter, Facebook and email.
Use Social Media to Participate With Your E-Mail Subscribers
The greatest social media marketing trick I have for companies will be to use social media to participate with your e-mail subscribers.

The Best Social Media Campaigns Develop Rewarding And Lasting Relationships With Subscribers.
I recommend setting an e-mail in your auto responder and encourage your new subscribers to enjoy your Facebook Page, or to follow you on Pinterest, then make sure you let them know WHY.
Can you host competitions and exclusive promotions in your Page? Will your email subscribers have access to advice you do not share everywhere else? Engage with your audience while watching your bank account and your company grow.

Remember, for the best social media campaign, you always need to maintain quality and value.
If you are using search advertising, Search Engine Optimization, all-natural social media, reputation marketing and Google Adwords advertising, then you are already doing the best marketing tactics available. You are raising consciousness of your company via Facebook and other platforms, you are getting the low-hanging fruit of purchasing-purpose key words via Google, and you are making sure that those who’ve been to your website keep seeing you via your social media networks.
Additionally, most marketing tool analytics are not complete “as is”. Companies of all sizes generally make Google seem better and Facebook seem worse than they really are. Google Adwords can eat up a lot of cash is you’re just starting out. However, saving up some cash to strategically market yourself via Facebook Ads a few times a month is a good idea to increase your exposure and generate more leads.