How to Utilize Social Networks For Great Social Media Campaigns

There are over one billion users on Facebook, millions of Twitter and Google+ users but unfortunately, not every business today is making effective use of the wide range of connections these social media platforms offer. Some businesses really had a slow entry into the internet years ago and now, some others are missing the big opportunity to expand their demographic and geographic markets by not launching into social media. With effective social media campaigns, your business is open to billions of internet users and its wide range of opportunities.

It is good to invest your time to develop a working strategy for your great social media campaigns. Also ensure that you analyze your competitors, clients and potential clients (target audience) as this is ultimately the best place to start for the best social media campaigns – keep in mind that it also lets you know where your presence needs to be and what kind of topics to cover with your content. It is never too late to join the social media world and it does not necessarily have to take much of your time to set up one if you know what you are doing.

Here are some tips that will help you understand the major social networks and use them for great social media campaigns:


Twitter lets you use 140 characters to make live updates during the day which makes this platform very powerful for up-to-the-minute social marketing. Twitter is excellent for promoting content, events, services and products, but the key to all is knowing the optimal time to post. Similar to a mini-press release of announcements, the platform allows you to find trends, see what the competition is like and also create backlinks to your website through people who click-through. Avid Tweeters can post up to 50 tweets a day; beginners should simply commit to 3 or 4 quality Tweets a day.


Facebook boasts over their one billion users and without doubt, it is a great place to build the strong and creative social media campaigns. The platform allows you to create a page and also enjoy the opportunity of creating paid ads that can reach many users based on your settings. It is easy to setup a page and find a good cover photo to upload. The hard part however, is getting people to like your page, engage with your brand and expand your reach – Facebook ads are a great tool that will help you accomplish this if approached the right way.

LinkedIn is a professional site and should be one of the first steps in creating a social media presence if your business has anything to do with B2B marketing. All you need to do is to have a well-constructed summary of your profile, listing the products and services you offer, the years you have being in business, a small list of previous clients or work experience and a link to your website. Make sure that you actively build your connections and expand your network. *Quick tip – speed up your networking time, by linking up with “Lions” on LinkedIn – they connect to almost anyone and it allows you to instantly increase your reach via “people you may know”.
If you ever get tired of understanding and working with social media networks in order to build great social media campaigns, you should consider getting a professional to help you with it.