US Pop Folk duo release new single on Fansparks

US Pop Folk duo release new single on Fansparks

Youngest Daughter are a lovely duo we have been following for a while now – whilst we have been tinkering with getting Fansparks live.

From the ‘dreamy side’ of Tennessee their music combines folk/pop/rock and sweet harmonies.

Descendants from a rich tradition of folk duos, Beta Pop and Anna Flautt of Youngest Daughter bring to life a vintage era, one full of whimsy, populated by dreams, and reminiscent of the days when simple songs, sung compellingly, told the stories of life.

By re-enforcing the singer/songwriter genre with R&B stylings and a few of the trappings of pop, they have created a modern incarnation of folk that still pays homage to its lineage while adding enough flavor that the kids will like it too.

Fansparks certainly do love it too – so make sure you check on Youngest Daughter on Fansparks.

Click here to listen to their track While You’re Not Lookin’ on Fansparks