Top 5 Tools for the Best Social Media Campaigns

It can be very cumbersome to manage your social media presence as well as your various campaigns on multiple platforms. This sucks up energy and time most especially if your company does not have enough resources to hire additional staff members. This can become a major problem for the company in carrying out the best social media campaigns. In order to streamline your campaigns and give your efforts effectiveness, the use of online management tools are necessary. These tools will help avoid mistakes and also ensure that whatever campaign you have setup runs smoothly across different social platforms.

Here are five tools that could help you skyrocket your settings for the best social media marketing campaigns:


This is a perfect tool for people who use Twitter extensively for creative social media campaigns. This tool is exceptional for it Twitter trend monitoring system that helps you track and identify frequently used keywords on the micro-blogging platform. Hootsuite allows you to schedule tweets via the dashboard and there are other numerous features that will boost your social media campaigns. Aside Twitter, the tool also lets you do an integration of Facebook, Google+, MySpace and LinkedIn into your campaigns and you don’t need to access them separately as they can all be accessed through a single dashboard. There are currently three versions of Hootsuite and they are Free, Enterprise and Pro that you can choose from depending on your campaign requirements.

This works fine with Twitter and alerts you whenever there is an activity on your Twitter account. Every message from this tool is sent to your registered email account. With this tool, you can keep track of the tweets of other users in your interest area. For any business that wants to have great social media campaigns, Tweetbeep is a tool to consider. In addition to its special features, you get premium extras for only $20 of your money like staying notified with the latest trends for the better construction of future tweets. There’s more! Check it out!


Buffer makes posting and updating social media pages an easy job to do. It is less time-consuming and helps you to craft creative social media campaigns easily. With Buffer, you can share articles, videos and images to various social networks simultaneously. It allows for scheduling and time managing posts. You also get bonus features like analytics for every published post.


Tweetdeck has been around for a while and is doing pretty well to deliver the best social media campaigns. It is a tool created by Twitter and it’s recommended by a lot of experts in the social media marketing field. Although this tool is a Twitter product, it allows for Facebook integration and is available to different operating systems. It also has browser Google Chrome browser extension that lets you access it right from your browser. Tweetdeck has a feature of filtering feeds as well as scheduling posts.

This is a great tool for great social media marketing campaigns as it connects your blog to the various social media networks we have. Your fans and followers are updated each time you publish a new article. This in turn brings more traffic to your content website. You also get real-time statistics with Twitterfeed and it’s free.

Grab one of these tools and goodluck with the best social media campaigns you are going to setup. Otherwise, consult the experts at