Top 4 WP Plugins for the Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns

best social media marketing campaigns Building the best social media marketing campaigns can be a tiring process and that’s why you need to make use of WordPress plugins which are designed to simplify your work. Using some of these WP plugins, you are able to schedule posts to appear on various social media platforms and even generate fresh content ideas to be shared on social media. Let’s look at 4 of the best WP plugins that can help you to come up with creative social media campaigns.


If you are looking for attractive share buttons which you can easily customize to suit your website, the Flare plugin can be a suitable tool. With this plugin, you are able to integrate a Follow Me widget on your WordPress site so that it’s easier for your web visitors to join the conversations on social media. This plugin has been used in the best social media marketing campaigns because it’s compatible with major social platforms like G+, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.


If you are looking for a social media plugin that won’t slow down your site then this is it. This plugin doesn’t use Javascript so your site loading times are not affected once you start using it. It has social media sharing buttons that are quite clean and easy to customize. To date, it is the only social media plugin that supports Retina and high resolution displays for mobile users.


This is one plugin that supports numerous social platforms. It allows you to change the size of your social sharing buttons on your site and has a Hovering Bar that is clearly displayed on the right or left end of your web pages. Using this plugin, you are able to attract clients to share the content on different pages and there’s even a widget that allows you to track content that has been copied from the site numerous times.


Shareaholic is a plugin with numerous features to help you create the best social media marketing campaigns. It has a lot to offer the social media marketer. It can help you in social bookmarking if you’d like to use this as an approach to boost your campaign. It even has a built-in Analytics tool that allows you to keep track of your campaigns.

Making use of any of these plugins will simplify your social media efforts. You can also go through a couple of social media campaign examplesto see what has worked for other businesses.