Top 4 Content Curators for the Best Social Media Campaigns

social media for business marketingWith the number of content curation tools increasing by the day, you need to make sure you select one that helps you to create the best social media marketing campaigns. Content curators have been used by many people in order to locate high quality content that they can share on social media. These curation tools help brands and organizations in the thought leadership process.

Amid the numerous conversations that are going on in the world of social media, content curators will help you target high quality content that helps you to become an influencer or thought leader in your industry. Here are 4 content curation tools which can be used in social media for business marketing.


Netvibes was among the first content curation tools to be introduced in the market. Today, the popularity of this tool is far stretched and it has been used by big brands in content management and creating the best social media campaigns. NetVibes has a good number of feeds and widgets readily available for users. It is free of charge but you can always buy the premium version which offers more features. This is one tool we would recommend for beginners since it’s easy to use.


Another free content aggregator that allows you to manage your social media campaign is ProtoPage. With this tool, you can look up multiple social platforms like Pinterest and Instagram at the same time and keep track of relevant conversation. This content curation tool has a very distinct dashboard which some users may require a little bit of time in order to know how to use.


If you really want to create the best social media campaigns then PostPlanner can help you out. However, you must be willing to pay something for the premium package because the free version has very little to offer. Since this content curator is a Facebook app, you may want to consider it mostly to boost your campaigns on Facebook.


This is a major content curator that was designed for big brands and large institutions that needed to scrutinize and optimize their content before publishing it. Curate basically makes things easier for the content manager and helps to create the best social media campaigns.

There are other content curators such as Kapost and TrapIt which can help you to generate the bestsocial media campaigns. Just do your research and find out what works best for you.