Top 3 Tips for Social Media for Business Marketing in 2014

Social media just continues to grow in popularity for users, and business owners alike thus there’s an increasing interest in utilizing social media for business marketing. Many big and small companies rely on social media for marketing their businesses. Here are some marketing strategies for using social media to build your brand outreach in 2014:


We live in a fast-paced environment these days and we are obsessed with everything coming in fast – fast food, fast service, fast internet, etc. In the social media world, people expect fast response from brand owners as well. Peradventure a visitor responds to one of your posts and you don’t respond, you have just begun to ruin your business’ image. The visitor will most likely lose patience and go to your competitors to find answers then you lose one of your potential customers. Responding to your customers quickly will build you a good reputation and also increase your chances of converting potential customers to real time buyers.


Even if your belief is that you provide the best products and services; you will still have to face some negative comments and feedbacks on your social media platforms. While it is easy to delete these negative comments, it is not advisable in any way. Bad things may not always be bad when using social media for business marketing. Even if you use the best social media for business, you will still receive negative comments. What matter most is how you respond and handle these comments. The truth about removal of negative comments is that it destroys the confidence of others on your brand. Customers will likely think that you have something to hide or some sort of problems with what you offer. Now instead of deleting the comments, simply respond openly as this will let the public know that you are at work to solve the problem and that you are trustworthy.


It is not easy to target your audience on social networks as you have to invest a lot of time and effort into this process. To actually reach your target audience, you need to choose the appropriate platform for your social media marketing campaigns. Take for instance Facebook has many young and adult users; MySpace has more teens; LinkedIn & Twitter targets more business people and Instagram is meant for people who are interested in visual content.

If you use these three tips effectively, you are assured of maximizing the good returns of social media for business marketing. See for more information.