We’d like to teach the world to share!

We’d like to teach the world to share!

The Eurovision song contest happened last week. We are sure you have forgotten the winning tune already but who cares!! It is a fantastic celebration of people sharing their own songs with the rest of the world.

This got us thinking down at Fansparks HQ.

If we had to run a great social media campaign to find the best town/city of sharers on Fansparks, who would win?

Well thanks to the geeks with their finger on the digital pulse, we now know!!

In the top 10 list we have major cities like London, Singapore, New York and Mexico City. However, a big shout out goes to the hot bed of sharing action that is the Midlands in the UK. Both Birmingham and Wolverhampton make it in to our top 5.

Here is the full list of our top 10 cities around the World for sharing and visiting Fansparks.

1. London

2. Singapore

3. Buenos Aires

4. Birmingham


6. New York

7. Mexico City

8. Liverpool

9. Glasgow

10. Toronto

But as you know we love all people who share with Fansparks, so we would also like to give a special mention to the individual who have also visited from Cipoletti (Argentina), Grand Bourg (Guadeloupe) and Panaji/Panjim (India).