See Fansparks harness the Fan-to-Friend network for McBusted

See Fansparks harness the Fan-to-Friend network for McBusted

McBusted are on Fansparks! Check out their new video for their first single “Air Guitar” at – and see the Fan-to-Friend network in action.

Fansparks is about that feeling you get when one of your social posts gets loads more Likes and Comments than normal… and with the our simple to use platform, Brands and Fans are able to come together in a much more engaged and exciting way than ever before.

Fansparks is the best social media campaign platform for reaching your social audiences friends in their own social networks.

Fansparks are:

  • Small bursts of high impact activity
  • They are quick to engage with and deliver a highly actionable response from your audiences
  • Perfect for your time poor, short attention span, digital savvy Fans
  • Quick to set up and costs a fraction of what you would expect when running a social media campaign.

Fansparks can:

  • Be as simple or as creative as you want them to be
  • Work in real-time, be relevant and have a real value to a Fan
  • Last long enough to be engaging but not too long to become boring
  • Give you an engaging structure that doesn’t need to be worked through in any significant terms
  • Make someone action with only a small but very special engagement
  • Most importantly Fansparks can harness your Fan-to-Friend networks.

The Fan-to-Friend network, friendship as a tool

To start using Fansparks to harness your Fan-to-Friend network is really easy, simply go to, sign in, create your Fanspark using our really simple user interface and share it out to your audiences. You can have your social campaign up and running on Facebook, Twitter and to email in just a few minutes.