How to Get The Most Out of a Facebook Campaign

Among the things we concentrate on at FanSparks – the greatest – is the perfect time to publish to Facebook. It is because you want to help yourself get more involvement with your market, which is good for everyone. Timing is literally how you get the most out of a Facebook campaign.
There are several other parts to bear in mind as you find the best time to publish. We had a need to provide updates on discovered data that you’ll possibly find helpful if you’re attempting to create your site as a more interesting and effective page for Facebook discussion.

Get The Most Out of a Facebook Campaign

Facebook Engagement

1. Picture posts get 39 interaction
Not just picture articles have more involvement than plain old posts, links or text -based blurbs, they really take into account 93% of the very interesting articles on Facebook. Based on Kissmetrics, pictures get 104 reviews, 53% additional likes and 84 more click throughs on links than text-based articles. So that as we’ve discussed earlier – pictures perform… REALLY WELL!

Wishpond’s data suggests that general, picture articles get 120 engagement compared to typical article, and picture photos really get 180 wedding. It was a shocking one for me, however it appears that should you have multiple photos to talk about, you’d be greater than creating individual picture posts of placing them in to a Facebook recording.

2. Shorter posts get 23 interaction
Facebook is extremely kind to shorter posts by creating shorter articles. Maintaining your posts below 250 characters will get you 60 percent more engagement than you may otherwise notice. You may also get-up to 66 engagement should you cut it right down to less than 80 characters.
In either case, shortening your message is most effective and the end result appears to be more engagement through less content. Maybe that’s why Facebook supporters like picture articles so much?

3. Using emoticons increases reviews by 33%
You may wish to rethink that idea if you considered emoticons being “just for teenagers”. Based on this AMEX OPEN Community infographic, emoticons could make an impact for your engagement rates. Not just doing articles, but articles with emoticons get 33% more responses, in addition they get shared 33% more regularly. Better still: they get preferred 57% more regularly than articles without emoticons.
Social Media Infographic
Emoticons often put in a more human aspect for your communications, plus it appears like this results in more understanding with customers.

Engagement amounts on Friday and Thursday are 18% higher
“…the less people desire to be at the office – the more they’re on Facebook!”

The research also looked over various sectors, including activities, automotive, retail and health, to determine which days worked best-in each sector. Evidently no business has customers which are involved on Thursdays or Mondays!

To discover more about ways to get likes and better user engagement – use FanSparks today for your social media marketing campaign.