FanSparks Share 4 Secrets to the Best Social Media Campaigns

Wondering how some businesses are able to have highly successful Facebook marketing campaigns with several hundreds or thousands of ‘likes’? Are you trying to build a good Twitter marketing strategy for the best social media campaign? This article will help you setup your brand on social media networks and also become useful in helping you build a buzz and eventually generate leads.

1. Before you create a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account, use a little bit of your time to think about your marketing goals. What exactly do you want to accomplish with the social media marketing campaign you want to build? Are you interested in brand awareness? Need new clients? Are you interested in engaging your customers? Whatsoever your answer may be, determining your goal is always the first step to take in building great social media campaigns. As soon as you have defined your goal, it is now time to define some basics on what works and what doesn’t work on social networks.

What works in social media marketing?

–          Sharing information that is useful for readers

–          Giving useful and valued pieces of information

–          Asking questions & addressing common concerns of customers

What doesn’t work in social media marketing?

–          Posting irrelevant updates

–          Direct selling or self promotion

–          Not engaging your fans and followers

2. For years, marketers have been accustomed to selling to customers with one-way means of communication such as radio, TV and print. Social media is a lot different and must be treated in a different manner. Basically, social networks allow the voices of customers to be heard even louder than your marketing update. Thus, in order to have the best social media marketing campaign, you need to be aware that your customers matter a lot. What they say is what will make you stand out.

3. With a basic understanding of how these social networks work, it is now time to setup your business profile. For example Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Choose a name that is available across all the three platforms for instance. Fill out the profile information and use the same picture all through. Once your profiles are setup, you can now begin to invite customers, neighbors, friends and family to support your business by liking and following your page. Soon enough, you will gain hundreds of followers in the first month and that’s the beginning of your best social media campaign.

4. Social media is about sharing, learning and adding good value to the community. Also, the difference in poor campaigns and successful ones is the ability for the marketer to engage his users actively. Also, you need to cultivate the habit of giving out information or valuable resources for free. This ‘WOWs’ your customers and gets them to listen to you even more.

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