Fansparks – it’s all about the Fans!

Fansparks – it’s all about the Fans!

Fansparks was created for true Fans to share creative social media campaigns, and content they love, with their mates – and to be rewarded for sharing the love.

But how much does it mean getting something back from the artists, bands or the brands you love?

We asked some of the winners of the Nina Nesbitt Fanspark to tell us.

Nina ran a Fanspark where people had to share her new video (also fan created).

“I got involved with the Nina fanspark because I thought it was a fun and simple way to win a great prize.” Said Katherine Harris, 16, from Manchester. “I did work really hard. Every day I asked people to help me gain points by sharing the fansparks link but it was so worth it.”

Indeed it was as Katherine was one of the lucky five who won a Google Hangout with Nina – a chance to talk direct to the star herself!!

“The hangout was so amazing and worth every second I spent trying to gain points! It was a great prize.”

Nina Nesbitt Fansparks Google Hangout

And how did she find Fansparks?

“I found the experience fun and well worth taking part in. The way to gain points, by sharing a link, was not difficult at all which was great.”

Another happy Fan on Fansparks was Jessica Harris (no relation!) in Herts. She was amazed by how much people were willing to help her by sharing the Fanspark.

“My friends helped a lot and there were some really nice people helping on twitter.”

And did she enjoy herself?

“We had a lot of fun talking to Nina and joking around with everyone!”