Fansparks is sharing all over the World

Fansparks is sharing all over the World

A big thank you to all of those Fans around the World that have visited and shared great social media campaigns through Fansparks.

So far Fansparks has been viewed in 122 countries including Brazil, Singapore, Russia and one very keen Fan in Saint Martin, as well as Libya, Cambodia and Bangladesh – to all of you we send our love.

By our reckoning, and depending on whose view point you take on the number of countries there are in the World, we need about another 80 countries to have touched at least one person in every country.

Fansparks shared around the World

So, if you know anyone in the countries that are shown in white on the map, then make sure you keep sharing so all Fans around the globe benefit from the prizes and content available on Fansparks.