Build More Creative Social Media Campaigns in 4 Simple Steps

Sometimes it’s easier talking about building a creative social media campaign than actually doing it. It takes a combination of planning, creativity and spot-on execution. The campaigns that do go well, appear to have one main common factor that makes them successful – engaging fans.

Here are four simple steps that will put you on a path of having the best and very creative social media campaigns:


It is recommended that all campaign plans start with the simple question – Who am I trying to reach? You can target a particular segment based on niche interests, demographics, location, influencer status or past engagement. This helps to narrow down your campaign segment and will further develop a highly relevant content.

Next, you want to ask, ‘What do I want them to really do?’ Irrespective of the your main objective, – whether to increase center traffic or brand awareness, you need to think beyond goals like getting retweets or building followers to how exactly your campaign will drive your business’ value. In order to have well setup goals for great social media campaigns, you need to break your major objective into smaller bits or steps. Ensure that these small steps can be traced back to your goal.


There are two areas to be focused on when comes to allocating budget. They are

  • Content: Check your goals well and see what content will help you build creative social media campaigns. If leads are what you target, you’ll need to create content that drives brings people to submit their information. Make it creative and fantastic!
  • Targeting: The ability to target your end users or customers keeps getting better day-by-day. Some targeting options are free while others require a token but it is worth investing in targeting of your campaign so that your word doesn’t go to the wrong ears.


Engagement can never create itself. Every business person who intends to have the best social media marketing campaigns need to plan ways that will push their fanbase into action. Make sure that your campaign is relevant to the interest of your customers. Offer an incentive that is appealing and substantial to your audience. Also make sure that you provide an easy way for your customers to enter a promotion and also engage in your campaign.

Keep it entertaining! There’s a higher chance that fans will participate in a campaign that has some sort of entertainment value.


This is a brand new world that we are so it is highly recommended that you join the new world of things and make your campaigns fantastic enough. You can simply create awesome images and add a prominent call to action – since all social networks allow for image sharing. Also choose the appropriate font size and embrace consistent branding. Let your copy be enough to guide as well as informing users in a manner that will push them to find out more even.

Running creative social media campaigns require sitting down to think for a while and while doing that, you are exposed to a lot of other interesting things.