BIG Results for Tich with Fansparks

BIG Results for Tich with Fansparks

Rachel Furner with FanSparksThere is a breed of new artists who know that to connect with new fans they need to first connect with their own audiences and inventivize them to share the love they have for the artist with great social media campaigns.

Tich is a relatively new artist but has already amassed a huge social following thanks to her relationship with her fans.

‘Breathe in, Breathe out’, her new single, was promoted via Fansparks with the offer of lunch at Nandos with Tich for the person who gained the most points by sharing the new video to the single.

  • The video was shared over 12,500 times with a massive 88% of those shares from friends of their original fans.
  • The campaign also added over 1100 new fans to Tich’s networks and increased her reach to over 1.25 million.

But it’s the excitement we love here at Fansparks. There is nothing better than the winner being announced and for this whole experience to become very real for true fans – and just to see how their friends and followers react with such positivity to them becoming the winner.