5 Great Social Media Campaigns on Facebook in 2014

Great social media campaigns don’t just happen due to pure luck. They are developed by utilizing creativity, smart thinking and strategizing. They are developed by taking advantage of what’s popular in that platform not to forget what works best for your brand. With billions of people logging into Facebook every month, getting them to notice your brand is hard work. Below are some great social media campaigns we’ve seen on Facebook in 2014.

Great Social Media Campaigns on Facebook

Goorin Brothers

The Goorin Brothers (a San Francisco company that designs hats) had a Facebook campaign was highly effective because it made use of proper graphic design. The campaign’s banner had a girl wearing one of their hats and the tagline was displayed in a strategic position to grab the attention of fans. Remember that social media users are very visual so make sure any visual elements you use to drive your campaign are well designed.


Enticing Tables

Enticing tables developed one of the best social media campaigns when they launched their new contest which gave away cupcake tree stands. The contest was set up in such a way that the company was able to get new emails and increase the number of fans on their page as well.

Great Social Media Campaigns By Mary J Blige

Mary J Blige

Even though Mary J Blige already has a huge fan base, she launched a contest this year in order to show appreciation to her fans who had supported her all through. This contest also managed to boost traffic to her new site- Birthday Girl World. People offered their email addresses plus her fan base grew even more because of her great social media campaigns.


Precious Moments

This is a brand that took advantage of the holiday season to offer their customers free signed ornaments. At this time of the year, people are looking for ornaments to decorate their homes so why not offer clients what they need now and improve your social media following while you are at it. Precious moments also combined good graphics and constant updates to boost one of their best social media campaigns.



This is a brand that has been involved in some great social media campaigns to raise awareness for the lack of clean drinking water globally. The contest has a huge following and one of the reasons why is because it’s quite simple to join and people find most of their posts funny.

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