5 Elements the Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns Share

Ever wondered what makes a social media campaign great? Well, every band has its unique set of needs and there’s no social media campaign that would work perfectly for everyone. You must come up with a campaign that works for your brand image and style. The best social media marketing campaigns have some fundamental elements they all share. Let’s find out what they have in common.

best social media campaigns

The 5 Elements The Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns Have in Common:

  1. Offer Something Different: Social media users are looking for something different- in a positive way. So long as the campaign is bringing out a completely different idea, whether it’s a contest or quiz, it’s likely to create a buzz. A campaign that offers something unique will give people something to talk about and that’s how you want to make a name for yourself online.


  1. Inspires People: Campaigns that inspire people are usually very successful online. It can start out with someone’s personal story that shows their hard work and perseverance that encourages others to look at life in a different perspective. Some of the best social media marketing campaigns have been built around stories and images that people can relate to.


  1. Is Original: Creative social media campaigns offer something new to users. People are tired of seeing brands offering them the obvious. They want something that’s entertaining, exciting and fun to share.  You need to create campaigns that entice users to experience something they’ve never done or used before – or at least in the way you’ll be doing it. It may be difficult to come up with something truly different but when you do, the results will be amazing.


  1. Encourages Interaction: The best social media campaigns will encourage people to interact with each other as well as engage with your brand. For instance, creating a campaign that involves a video which users will have to watch in order to learn more about your business has the potential to drive a massive following. If your campaign isn’t driving as much interaction as you’d like – go back to the drawing board.  Perform a blog content inventory and reexamine how you can re-use old content and create a new social strategy that will engage readers in a new, interactive way.


  1. Uses Humor: Social media users love to share content that involves humor. For this reason, some of the best social media marketing campaigns make people laugh. However, always remember that humor is subjective so make sure you are not rubbing off some people in the wrong way. So as you write content that involves humor make sure you present it in a very professional way. Content needs to be sharp and concise because you don’t want the message to be lost along the way.


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