3 Insider Secrets to Great Social Media Campaigns

Great social media campaigns rely on content marketing for a lot of their impact and abilities to generate leads. In case you are looking for ways that you can take to make your social media marketing setup work effectively for your company, these 3 secrets should be embraced.

  • 1. Make it Frequent & Personal: Prospects and customers tend to be responsive to relevant content than just any generic message which does not speak to them. Try making your campaign personal and address your audience in a way that will bring engagement and interest. You could address your audience directly with the use of words like ‘you’ and ‘your’ as they will feel caught in no time. Also you need to make your make your message passed frequently. Although your creative social media campaigns may have been sent way too much – if you think; therefore you need to vary your context and not make the messages the same over and over again. This will bore them. Your creativity comes in handy here! Twist the words creatively to pass the same message as the previous or similar.


  • 2. Encourage Sharing & Create a Sense of Urgency: The best social media campaigns usually include call to action that depicts urgency or something in rush. It could be in form of an offer or a product with limited quantity or thereabout, using strategies like this would pull in a sense of urgency and it does convert well. Another added secret of great social media campaigns is the encouragement of sharing by the campaign manager. Simply ask your fans and followers to share your posts with friends and beyond. Add wittiness to your campaign because useful campaigns or ones that are thought provoking usually pushes campaigns to go viral. It is recommended that you randomly select some posts to re-share or retweet so that an active engagement can be established.
  • 3. Research & Budget: First, you are to determine the best time to post your best social media marketing campaigns to your audience so that whatever you are promoting hits them at the right spot. Be sure to generate more interaction here! In your first weeks, try to analyze the response to the different messages sent from your end and see what time and day actually gives the best result. As long as you know the best time to promote your content, everything will be a breeze and you will be proud of handling great social media campaigns. In addition, you need to make a budget that in order to develop a more robust campaign. Keep some money behind for sponsored posts on different social media platforms. To enjoy this process, measure the effectiveness of each sponsored posts for better subsequent and future planning.

If you are serious about making great social media campaigns, take these secrets to heart and you will definitely boast of the best campaigns.